Dagens lunchbuffé 95 kr

Lunchbuffé med husmanskost och pizza inkl. läsk, kaffe, sallad och bröd.
Serveras varje helgfri vardag mellan klockan 11.00-15.00.

Vi finns på Erikslund köpcentrum i Västerås
Öppet måndag-fredag 10:00-20:00 och lördag-söndag 10.00-18.00

Något för hela familjen!


2 comments on “Hem

  1. This is my third katana and I instantly love this one the most. It is heavier than the others but the balance makes it feel perfect. All the fittings are tight and beautiful. The scabbard fits tightly too(actually too tight, but it will loosen over time). It arrived with light oil on it, but I found 1 spot of rust(about 2mm long by .25mm wide – tiny) that I will sand off before I sharpen. Oh yeah, it has an edge but I wouldn’t call it sharp. It wouldn’t pass the paper test out of the box, which is fine by me because I like to sharpen by blade myself. Looks like the images. I would have liked if it had come with a certificate about its HRC rating. Came with a blue cloth cover bag. I planned to take off the handle and give the blade a black satin rustoleum coat, but it is so beautiful I’m not sure if I will now.

  2. katana sword skriver:

    If I decide to buy more swords, this is the seller I will research.


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